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    (2021-09-21) BOMET UNIVERSITY COLLEGE; Dr . Obura, Johnmark; Dr . Wafula, Fredrick; Ms . Ayoma, Dinah
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has exposed, universities and related institutions of higher learning to how prepared or unprepared they are in handling their core mandate, which includes access to quality teaching, training, research, outreach, entrepreneurial skills, innovations, and integrating technology and digital transformations in their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and all institutions including universities/higher learning on a global scale. The East Africa region has not been spared. It is against this background that a strategy was proposed to engage East Africa Higher Education Stakeholders to share the experiences, challenges and responses by the regulatory bodies and universities and eventually deliberate on best practices going forward, and also formulate some mitigation measures and plans to ensure readiness for similar pandemic in the future. Outcome: This Dialogue event for East Africa Higher Education Stakeholders provided a platform for dialogue on impact and implication of COVID-19 on quality of training, learning, research, and community service and came up with implementable strategies for the present and future of university/higher education in the East Africa region continued learning training and research during and post-COVID-19 era. Target Group: Representatives for East Africa Commission/Regulatory Bodies; University: Vice Chancellors and Principals, Deputy Vice Chancellors and Deputy Principals in-charge of Academic and Quality Assurance Directors/Coordinators/Officers from East Africa and Representatives for Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA).