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    Obstacles to the Implementation of Total Quality Management and Organizational Performance in Private Higher Learning Institution
    (IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), 2014-05-30) Ojera, Patrick B.;
    This paper aims to identify the main obstacles to the implementation of Total Quality Management. The study is to test the structural order which would enhance Total Quality Management and at the same time seek to discover the systems sensitivity to the human resources with its ultimate effect on performance. To do so, the findings of a stratified sample size comprising of top management team, academic heads of departments, lecturers, support staff and students was obtained for the study. Structured questionnaires were administered and an interview schedule was arranged for a number of members chosen at random and all class representatives. Secondary data was obtained from the University reports on the Total Quality Management implementation and progress. Descriptive statistics have been used to analyse data. The data has been presented in terms of tables and graphs. The study revealed that the implementation of Total Quality Management in KCA University is facing challenges because members do not yet know how best to implement it. At the same time some members are not aware of Total Quality Management principles and do not understand how it works. The study only relied on an accessible sample within the University and was based on their word not considering the fact that sometimes people would respond depending on what they think you want to hear and not sincerely. The result of this study does not only identify the obstacles of TQM but also provides a reference to the managers of this learning institutions as well as the wider business world. The research provides a direction for both TQM scholars and managers and it can serve as a roadmap and a challenge to quality driven organizations.