Smallholder Farmers’ Practice and Perception of Organic Farming in Kisii Central Sub - County, Kisii County, Kenya

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IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS)
Organic farming (OF) is known to contribute to: healthy living, increase in farm income, and safe and sustainable environments. It is in view of the benefits that OF systems are encouraged across countries in SubSaharan Africa, including Kenya. This paper investigates smallholder farmers’ practice and perception of organic farming in Kisii Central Sub – County, Kenya. The study employed descriptive survey research design where a total of 306 respondents were interviewed. Results show that nearly all (97%) of smallholder farmers are practicing OF with use of animal manure (87%), crop rotation (72%) and cover crops (55%) as the predominant practices. The high number of farmers practicing OF can be attributed to information on OF farming being easily available (52%); strong agreement on positive effects of OF farming on environment (69%), and the anticipated future demand for OF products (84%). This study recommends that promoters of organic farming should take note of the positive rating and perception of organic farming.
Smallholder farmers, Perception, Adoption, Organic farming, Practices