Effect of Organizational Justice on Employee Engagement in the Hospitality Industry

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European Journal of Business and Management Research www.ejbmr.org
This study was designed to asses’ organizational justice and employee engagement in the hospitality industry in North Rift region, Kenya. With a sample size of 234 respondents, an explanatory research design was used with a target population of 580 employees from star-rated hotels in the North Rift region. Questionnaires and interviews were used to gather information. SPSS version 25.0 was used to analyze the data using descriptive and inferential statistics. From the findings employee engagement and organizational justice have a strong significant relationship. Employee engagement was explained by organizational justice at 71.8%. The study's findings support the necessity to improve organizational justice in order to increase employee engagement. The findings of this study can assist the government (both national and county levels), as well as important stakeholders in the hotel industry, in identifying the need for developing organizational justice policies and practices to realize employee engagement
employee engagement, organizational justice.