Application of the Marketing Concept and Performance of Supermarkets in Kisumu City, Kenya

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Greener Journal of Business and Management Studies
This paper sought to examine the relationship between the application marketing concept and performance of retail supermarkets in Kisumu City, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive survey design to explore the above relationship. Stratified simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 162 employees out of a population of 410 employees. A self administered structure and semi structure Questionnaires were used to obtain primary data from the field. The Regression results showed that 39.8% or (R2 =0.398, p<0.05) of variation in retail supermarkets’ financial performance was explained by the application of the Marketing Concept and 52.5% (R2 =0.525, p<0.05) of non-financial performance.The study provided an exposition of the Marketing Concept application by supermarkets by concluding that it exerted a significant influence on both non-financial performance and financial performance measures. To the academia, the output will contribute to enriching the knowledge base particularly in the field of Marketing Concepts and its performance consequences in the context of emerging and developing economies.
Marketing concept, Retail supermarkets, Kisumu City, Kenya.