Relationship between Watching ‘Gengetone’ Music and Drug Abuse among the Youth in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

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East African Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Drugs, substance and alcohol abuse by many youths is as a result of various factors. Research conducted in the past have looked at how mass media channels (video and TV) and their influence on abuse of drugs and other substances among the youth. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how drug-related information portrayed on Gengetone music influences drugs and substance abuse among youths in Eldoret town. The research objectives were to investigate how the acceptability level of ‘Gengetone’ music and videos among youths, to examine ways in which ‘Gengetone music lyrics communicate information on drugs, substance and alcohol abuse and establish the effect of listening of Gengetone music on drugs and substance abuse among youths in Uasin Gishu County. The study adopted George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory. The study utilised descriptive survey. Questionnaires and interviews were utilised to collect data from selected youths aged 20 – 30 years residing in Eldoret town four estates numbering 80 and one county officer in charge of NACADA North Rift office. Analysis of data was done through qualitative (content analysis method) and quantitative approaches (descriptive statistics); The study found out that indeed lyrics, images and videos contained in some Gengetone music promoted drugs, substance and alcohol abuse by young people in the study area. This means that music preference performed a significant role in determining the level of drugs and substance abuse by youth in Eldoret town. This calls for stakeholder involvement in educating the upcoming artist on the importance of developing Gengetone music that is clean and creates awareness on the dangers of youth addiction to drugs, other substances and alcohol.
Gengetone, Music, Drugs, Substance, Abuse, Youths.