Effect of Business Risk on Performance of Deposit Taking Saccos in North Rift Counties, Kenya

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International Journal of Finance, Accounting and Economics (IJFAE)
Saccos perform an important role in the financial sector in Kenya by providing savings and credit services to a large portion of the population. Dividend decision is the policy that the management formulates in regard to earnings for distribution as dividends among shareholders. The determinants of dividend decisions include, Sacco returns, Sacco size, business risks, growth opportunities among others. Saccos and more so deposit taking Saccos need to issue dividends to their members. Deposit taking Saccos in Kenya and the North Rift in particular has to adjust their way of doing business in order to maximize the shareholder value and increase the market share. The main purpose of this study is to establish the determinants of dividends policy decisions on performance of deposit taking Saccos’ in North Rift Counties, Kenya. Specifically, the study determined the effect of business risk on performance of deposit taking Saccos’ Rift Counties in Kenya. The study was guided by Agency theoy. The target population was all nine Saccos that had been registered by SASRA in the North Rift Region by the end of July 2018. The respondents included all the management and board members of the deposit taking Saccos in the North Rift Region. Primary data and secondary data was used and the data was collected using open ended questionnaires. Data was be analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The SPSS Version 24 was used to aid in the data analysis. The study established that Sacco returns had a positive and significant effect on performance of deposit taking Saccos (β= 0.170; p< 0.05). The findings of the study were of great significance to managers and policy makers to make policies which enhances the performance of the Saccos. The finding also does provide input for future academic works to be conducted on the Sacco performance.
: Business Risk, Performance, Dividend policy Deposit taking Sacco