Discipline Strategies: Influence on Gender and Academic Level of Students: A Case of Rachuonyo North Sub-County, Homabay County, Kenya

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European Journal of Educational Sciences, EJES
This paper purposed to establish if there was a significant influence of discipline strategies on student academic performance based on the gender and academic level of students in Homabay County, Kenya. Over the years, students in Rachuonyo North Sub County have continued to perform poorly in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E). The objective of this study is to determine the influence of discipline strategies on academic performance by gender and academic level. The research design used was causal comparative. The researcher used simple random sampling to select 23 schools. Purposive sampling was used to identify students at different academic levels who had received any of the three discipline strategies that is suspension, manual labour, and sending students home to call their parent. The quantitative data was analyzed using paired sample t-test and repeated measures ANOVA at .05 level of significance. The study findings indicated that girls performed poorly after discipline strategies had been used on them. However, there was no significant difference in the academic performance of boys after the discipline strategies. It emerged that these discipline strategies influenced students’ academic performance differently depending on the academic level of the student with the form two and four students registering a decline and the form three students showing a slight improvement. The study recommends discipline strategies other than the three used in the study for girls. Further research is required to determine the influence of these discipline strategies in other counties.
Discipline Strategies, Academic performance, gender, Academic level, High school students, Kenya.