Analysing Leadership Roles in Incentivising Teacher Performance Among Principals, Deputies, and HODs in Kenya

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International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) 8
The study aimed to examine the various approaches utilized by educational administrators, including Principals, Deputies, and Heads of Departments (HODs), to motivate and enhance teacher performance within the context of Kuresoi Sub-county, located in Nakuru County, Kenya. Utilizing a quantitative research approach, the study employed closed-ended questionnaires as a data collection method. A sample size of 266 participants was chosen for the study, consisting of 38 principals, 38 deputy principals, and 190 heads of departments (HODs). The results of the study indicated that there were notable differences in the inclination towards specific strategies depending on the leadership position. Deputies primarily employed formal acknowledgement strategies, such as conducting meetings and sending out memos, while Principals showed a greater inclination towards recognizing individuals through personal commendations. The significance of Heads of Departments (HODs) was particularly highlighted by their emphasis on recognizing teacher achievements through individualized memoranda. This study presents a new perspective by offering valuable insights into the nuanced strategies employed by various leadership positions within the educational landscape of Kenya. It highlights the importance of implementing customized strategies for acknowledgement that align with each post's distinct responsibilities and inclinations. The findings of this study have significant implications for educational policy and leadership training programs, intending to optimize teacher motivation and performance.